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Potassium hydroxide

Potassium hydroxide


Chemical & Physical Properties:

  • Product Name: Potassium hydroxide
  • Other Name: caustic potash
  • CAS No.:1310-58-3
  • UN No.:1813
  • EINECS No.: 215-181-3
  • Purity:90% Min.
  • Molecular Weight: 56
  • Class:8
  • Chemical Formula: KOH
  • Appearance: Flake/pearl
  • Density:1.450g/mL at 20°C
  • Melting Point:361 °C (lit.)
  • Boling Point:1320°C
  • Flash Point:52°F
  • Water Solubility: soluble
  • Solubility:H2O: 1M at20°C, clear, colorless
  • Vapor Presure:1 mm Hg ( 719 °C)
  • Appearance: powder
  • Specific Gravity:1.09
  • Color: white
  • Odor: Odorless
  • Exposure Limit: Ceiling in air 2 mg/m3 (ACGIH).



  1. Inorganic industry for the production of potassium salt.
  2. The pharmaceutical industry for the manufacture of progesterone, vanillin, and other raw materials.
  3. In the pharmaceutical industry, for the production of potassium boron, spironolactone, sand liver alcohol, and progesterone.
  4. In the dye industry, used in the production of vat dyes in the electrochemical industry, for electroplating, carving, and so on.
  5. Used in synthetic rubber, natural rubber latex, ABS resin, etc.
  6. The battery industry for the manufacture of alkaline batteries.
  7. In the textile industry, dyeing, bleaching, and mercerization, and a large number of used for the manufacture of man-made fibers, the main raw material of polyester fiber.
  8. Daily chemical industry for the manufacture of soap.


Item Index
KOH 90% Min.
K2CO3 0.5% Max.
Cl- 0.005% Max.
Fe 0.0002% Max.
SO42- 0.002% Max.
Nitrate or Nitrite (As N) 0.0005% Max.
Na 0.5% Max.
PO43- 0.002% Max.
SiO3 0.01% Max.
Al 0.001% Max.
Ca 0.002% Max.
Ni 0.0005% Max.
Heavy Metal (As Pb) 0.001% Max.


  • 25kg PP/PE bags, 1000kg jumbo bags,

It can also be customized as per individual requirements including, palletization on demand.

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