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Petroleum detergent

Petroleum detergent


Product Parameters:

  • PH value 7
  • Appearance: colorless transparent liquid
  • (Solvent type) Aromatic solvent flavor
  • Packaging barrel: 25 kg/barrel, or 250 kg/barrel
  • Shelf life 24 months


Petroleum detergent can quickly remove petroleum asphalt, heavy oil, crude oil, diesel oil, coke, tar and other oil stains on the surface of oil tanks, oil pipelines, ships, and all kinds of machinery and equipment, with strong oil dissolving ability and can be used repeatedly.

Petroleum asphalt cleaning agent product characteristics:

  • Petroleum asphalt cleaning agent degreasing and decontamination ability is strong
  • Safe and reliable, easy to use, high efficiency; PH value of 7, no corrosion of most metal materials.
  • Residual liquid can be completely evaporated, with no traces left after evaporation;

Petroleum asphalt cleaner scope of application:

  • Petrochemical, industrial, and mining enterprises, repair industry, printing industry, ship repair industry, and other industries used to clean heavy oil scale, oil sludge.
  • Petroleum asphalt cleaning agent Notes:
  • Petroleum asphalt cleaner is solvent-based, does not add water to use, and is not used for poor oil resistance of plastic, or rubber parts.
  • Please pay attention to ventilation when working.
  • High temperature and open flame parts with caution.
  • Please seal the waste material, so that the upper layer of clear liquid can be used repeatedly.
  • Conventional package: 25kg/plastic drum, 250kg/iron drum; 5kg/iron drum (sample reagent quantity) package is also available.
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