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Methyl Ethyl Ketone

Methyl Ethyl Ketone


Chemical & Physical Properties:

  • Product Name: Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK)
  • Other Name: Butanone
  • CAS No.:78-93-3
  • UN No.:1193
  • EINECS No.:
  • Purity:99.9%
  • Molecular Weight: 72.11
  • Class:3
  • Chemical Formula: C4h8o
  • Appearance: Colorless and Transparent



  1. MEK is used as a solvent for cellulose acetate, acrylic acid resin, alkyd resin, paint, ink, etc., as a binder for dyes, dewaxed for lubricating oil, accelerator for vulcanization, etc
  2. As a reagent for the determination of cadmium, copper, and mercury, a standard substance for chromatographic analysis and a solvent for semiconductor lithography
  3. GB 2760-96 provides for the permitted use of edible spices. Mainly used to prepare cheese, coffee, and banana flavors. It can also be used as an extraction solvent.
  4. MEK / butanone is mainly used as a solvent, such as in oil dewaxing, the paint industry, and a variety of resin solvents, vegetable oil extraction process, and the refining process of azeotropic distillation, its advantages are strong solubility, less volatile than acetone, is a medium boiling point ketone solvent. Butanone is also an intermediate for the preparation of medicines, dyes, detergents, fragrances, antioxidants, and some catalysts. It is used as a developer after integrated circuit lithography in the electronic industry for the synthesis of anti-peeling agent methyl ethyl ketoxime, polymerization catalyst methyl ethyl keto peroxide, corrosion inhibitor methypentinol, etc.
  5. Butanone is the raw material for the preparation of the acaricide, pyrazamine.
  6. MEK is an organic synthetic raw material, that can be used as a solvent. As a dewaxing agent for lubricating oil in the oil refining industry, it is also used in medicine, paint, dye, detergent, perfume, and electronics industries. Solvent for liquid ink. Cosmetics used in the manufacture of nail polish, as a low boiling point solvent, can reduce the viscosity of nail polish, and quick drying.


  • 1. 165kg*80drums, total 13.2 tons/20fcl
  • 165kgs*144drums, total 23.76 tons/40fcl


Item Index Analyst results Test method
Purity % (min) ≥ 99.5 99.93 SH/T 1756
Moisture % (m/m) ≤ 0.1 0.04 GB/T 6283
Density , (20D. C.) (g/cm3) 0.804-0.806 0.806 GB/T 4472
Distillation range (D.C.) 78.5-81.0 79.3 GB/T 7534
Non-volatile matter (mg/100ml) ≤ 5 1.5 GB/T 6324.2
Color (Hazen) ≤ 10 5 GB/T 3143
Acidity ( as acetic acid, not containing CO2 ) % (m/m) , ≤ 0.003 0.0015 GB/T 14827
Appearance Colorless and transparent, No mechanical impurities qualified visual
Odor Special odor, no residual odor qualified smell
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