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Iron stabilizer

Iron stabilizer


Technical Indicators:

  • Appearance: Transparent liquid
  • Density(20°C) g/cm 3≥: 0.90
  • Ph Value(1% Water Solution): 2-7
  • Chelating Ability to Fe3 ≥mg/L : 5000
  • Freezing Poing ≤ °C : -5


Product Introduction:

In the process of oil-water well acidizing operation, acid liquid quickly dissolves the iron in the pipeline and equipment and the iron mineral in the corroded formation, forms a large amount of free Fe2+ and Fe3+, while these ferric ions kept in the solution is a potential problem giving rise 10 formation damage. When the pH value of the solution is bigger than 2. it is easy to form Fe (OH)3 deposit combined with OH- in the solution, to block the formation and pipeline. and affect the oil-water well operating production. At the same time, in the process of acidzing operation, though a great deal of acid liquid near the well belt has not yet been used up. the residual acid zone (PH value is 5) is formed at the front edge of the reaction, even if the residual acid is returned timely after operation, the remain of residual acid still exists at the front edge, as a potential factor causing Fe (OH)3 deposit. CH ferric ion stabilizer is namely a kind of amino carboxyl acid chelating agent developed by our company aiming at the secondary sedimentation of ferric ions in acidizing operation, especially applicable to deep well ac modification. Tests on more than 100 wells on the sites of Jianghan, Dagang. North China, Shengl, Liache, and other work units have proved that CH ferric ion stabilizer is a good chemical additive for controlling Fe3+ sedimentation and preventing formation damage.


The ferric ion stabilizer is mainly applied to oilfield oil-water well acidizing operations, and this additive is also used in the pre-acid fracturing operations.

Method of Application:

  1. It is mainly applicable to oil-gas well formation acid fracturing process and water injection system, 8as well as oil transportation pipeline acid washing operation:
  2. It serves as various acidizing additives for hydrochloric acid, and mud acid, as well as blending of hydrochloric acid with phosphoric acid;
  3. The general adding amount is controlled at 3~5%;


  1. Skin contact shall be avoided as much as possible. taking orally is strictly prohibited, and it shall be immediately flushed if falling into the eyes. Go to doctors for diagnosis and treatment when necessary.
  2. Pay attention to safety and wear labor protective articles when it is used on-site, and it is strictly prohibited for the chemical to splash into the eyes and leak.
  3. Contact with eyes, skink, and clothes shall be avoided, and otherwise large amount of clear water is required for flushing. and go to doctors for diagnosis and treatment when necessary.


This product is packed in a dry and clean iron drum or plastic bucket, at a 50-200kg packing specification, determinable according to user requirements.

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