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Fracturing Fluid

Fracturing Fluid


The optimal fracturing fluid characteristics:

  • Efficiently transport the propping agent within the fracture
  • Demonstrate compatibility with both the formation rock and fluid
  • Generate a substantial pressure drop along the fracture to achieve a broad fracture
  • Minimize friction pressure losses during the injection process
  • Formulated using chemical additives compliant with local environmental regulations
  • Exhibit controlled-break, transitioning to a low-viscosity fluid for effective cleanup post-treatment
  • Maintain cost-effectiveness throughout the entire process.


To induce conductive fractures and circumvent damage near the wellbore in hydrocarbon-rich zones, specialized Fracturing Fluids are injected into the well. This process leads to an increase in the productive surface area of the reservoir when compared to formations that have not undergone fracturing. A carefully chosen combination of chemical additives is employed to endow the fluid with specific and predictable characteristics, such as viscosity, friction, formation compatibility, and control over fluid loss.


Function Chemistry
VES Betaine
Biocides Glutaraldehyde
CMHPG/LIQUID Polysaccharide
Friction reducers Polyacrylamide-based polymers
Crosslinker Borate/Zirconium
Scale inhibitors Polycarboxylates
Surfactant Fluocarbon

Key Features:

  • Efficient Propping Agent Transport: Our fracturing fluid ensures seamless transportation of propping agents within fractures, promoting effective conductivity and maximizing reservoir potential.
  • Formation Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with various formation rocks and fluids, our product minimizes the risk of damage, ensuring a harmonious interaction with the reservoir.
  • Pressure Optimization: With the ability to generate significant pressure drops along fractures, our fracturing fluid creates wide and conductive fractures, maximizing the productive surface area of the reservoir.
  • Friction Reduction: Minimize friction pressure losses during injection, enhancing the efficiency of the hydraulic fracturing process and facilitating optimal fluid flow.
  • Environmental Compliance: Formulated with chemical additives approved by local environmental regulations, our fracturing fluid prioritizes environmental responsibility while maintaining high-performance standards.
  • Controlled-Break Technology: Featuring controlled-break properties, the fluid seamlessly transitions to a low-viscosity state for efficient post-treatment cleanup, ensuring the well is left in optimal condition.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Our fracturing fluid not only delivers superior performance but also remains cost-effective, providing a balance between efficiency and economic feasibility.

Choose our Fracturing Fluid to unlock the full potential of your wells, leading to increased productivity, improved reservoir recovery, and a sustainable approach to hydrocarbon extraction. Elevate your hydraulic fracturing operations with a product designed for excellence.

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