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Aluminum Chloride

Aluminum Chloride


Chemical & Physical Properties:

  • Product Name: Aluminum Chloride
  • Other Name: aluminum chloride anhydrous
  • CAS No.:7446-70-0
  • UN No.:1726
  • EINECS No.: 616-520-1
  • Purity:99%min
  • Molecular Weight: 241.43
  • Class:3
  • Chemical Formula: AlCl3H12O6
  • Appearance: Offwhite or light yellow crystal



  1. Appearance: Aluminum trichloride is a colorless or light yellow solid.
  2. Density: Aluminum trichloride has high density.
  3. Melting point and boiling point: The melting point of aluminum trichloride is about 190℃ and the boiling point is about 180℃.
  4. solubility: aluminum trichloride is easily soluble in water and many organic solvents.


  1. Catalyst: Aluminum trichloride is widely used as a catalyst in organic synthesis, such as the alkylation of olefins, the esterification of esters, and other reactions.
  2. Flame retardant: Aluminum trichloride can be used in the manufacture of flame retardant materials, such as flame inhibitors and fire retardant coatings.
  3. Dye industry: Aluminum trichloride can be used as a dye catalyst in the dye industry.
  4. Preservatives: Aluminum trichloride can be used for the preservative treatment of wood and paper.

Safety Information:

  1. Aluminum trichloride is irritating and may cause a burning sensation on contact with skin and eyes.
  2. Inhalation of aluminum trichloride dust may cause respiratory irritation and discomfort.
  3. Avoid contact with ammonia, identifiers, and chloric acid, which are prone to violent reactions.
  4. Aluminum trichloride should be stored and handled in such a way that contact with water should be avoided to prevent the danger of generating the corrosive gas hydrogen chloride.


  • 25kg*630drum
  • 50kg*315drum
  • 15.75tons/FCL

Delivery time:

  • prompt delivery


  • 20000 ton per Month


Parameter Specification
Assay 95.5% min.
Appearance Offwhite or light yellow crystal
%Aluminum(Al3+) 10.60-11.20%
% Chloride (Cl-) 41.90 – 44.20%
PH(15%,aqueous) 2.20-3.80
Iron (Fe) (ppm) 100 ppm Maximum
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